A Time to Every Purpose Unto Heaven

by Paul Kellogg
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Table of Contents:

Part I

Part II:
Meet Dr. Lord

Part III:
A Time To Sow

Part IV:
A Time To Reap

Part V:
The Race Of The Millennium

Part VI:
A Time To Cast Away Stones

Part VII:
A Time to Dance - A Time to Mourn

Part VIII:
World Without End

Part IX:
A Time to Refrain from Embracing

Part X:
And Danced the Skies on Laughter-Silvered Wings

Part XI:
A Time to Break Down

Part XII:
A Time to Weep

Part XIII:
A Time to Laugh

Part XIV:
Fair Winds and Following Seas

Part XV:
A Time to be Silent

Part XVI:
A Time for Love, A Time for Hate

Part XVII:
A Time To Gather Stones Together

A Time To Lose

Part XIX-1:
A Time for War

Part XIX-2:
A Time To Kill

Part XIX-3:
A Time To Kill - The U.S.S. CUMBERLAND



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Index of Illustrations:

Two Shadowy Figures

Batman and Robin by Pepe K.

Hamton and Fifi by Squirrelly

Boo! by Murray Mouse

Scary by Thorne

Robin Hit by Murray Mouse

Plump Fifi by Thorne

Dead Duck by Pepe K. with Thorne

Doctor Lord by John Barrett

HammyFeef by Brainsister

Doctor Lord by John Calcano

Doctor Lord and Shirley by Thorne

Faces of Doctor Lord by Pepe K.

Fifi and Hamton by Cobalt

Lord & Fifi by Thorne

Buster and Babs by Murray Mouse

ATTEPUH Triangle by Thorne

Playing Footsie by Babs Bunny

Photo of Her

It’ll Be Okay by Thorne

How Many by Tarel Wayne

Red Hot

Speed Racer

Before the Race by Thorne

The Orpheus by Pepe K.

Sound Barrier by Murray Mouse

Mach 5 - Smoke Cloud by Scott Kellogg

Speed Racer

Petunia Joke by Thorne

Angry Porky by Thorne

Fifi's Dress by Thorne

Friends by Thorne

Doctor Lord by VmC

Jimmy Sparks




Robots to the Rescue! by Pepe K.

Minerva and Newt


Slappy and Lord by Thorne

Screwy Squirrel

The Beatles

The Beatles

The Beatles

Riding Kimba by Thorne

The Ghost by Thorne

Trinity by Thorne

Fifi in the Streetlight by Thorne

Fencer Fifi by Thorne

Scrapbook by Thorne

Frankenswine by Pepe K.

BMW Ride by Ludwig Van Goff

Laika and Lord by Thorne

Fokker Flight by Pepe K.

Oink by Thorne

Air Brakes by Thorne

Da Da Ducks by Thorne

Fowl Kiss by Thorne

On the Ground by Thorne

Was It Something I Said? by Thorne

Berzerker's Sword by Murray Mouse


Jacuzzi by Thorne

Confrontation with Rhubella by Thorne

At Saint Georges' Church by Thorne

Manfred und Lothar

The Red Baron

Andy in the Lab by Murray Mouse

Lake Champlain

Purple Light by Thorne

Map of part of Lake Champlain

The Lake Champlain Ferry

The Amazing 4 on the PT Boat by Thorne

The SEALs exit

Depth Charge by Pepe K

Holy Crap, Batman! by Murray Mouse

Fifi and the Griffin by Pepe K.

A Bun in ze Oven by Thorne

Buster Points by Pepe K

John Ericsson by Fred Freeman

I Wanna Rock! by Murray Mouse

Building the VIRGINIA by Fred Freeman

Norfolk in Ruins

Underwear by Fred Freeman

Building the MONITOR by Fred Freeman

Gimmie! by Andy Fox

Le Klang! by Thorne

Belowdecks in the Storm by Pepe K.

Distress Signal by Pepe K.

Boris the Spider by Pepe K.

Blackbird Roll-Out by Pepe K.

Takeoff! by Pepe K.

Blackbird Flight by Pepe K.


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